Pile of bales full of clothing in Allround Recycling warehouse

Established in 2009, Allround Recycling has grown to become a leading textile recycler that assists in making Australia more sustainable by ensuring your old belongings don’t end up as landfill through the purchasing of surplus second-hand clothing from Australian Charities and other recycling organisations.

Allround Recycling exports purchased surplus second-hand clothing which is sold to our supply partners who then sort and send this wearable supply to developing countries where there is demand for quality, affordable second-hand clothing.

This supply provides communities with an affordable clothing solution that they otherwise might not have, and creates employment in these developing countries, as well as here in Australia. Allround Recycling is proud of our solid relationships with Australian Charities, with the ongoing purchase of surplus second-hand clothing providing a valuable revenue source for many welfare programs conducted by charities.

Closing the loop in the textiles industry.

Taking textile materials destined for landfill, we have created re-UP – a range of upcycled and recycled, reusable bags made from 100% discarded, unwanted textile materials that couldn’t be reused.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time to find out more about Allround Recycling’s ability to purchase your organisation’s surplus second-hand clothing.

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